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Basket Wholesale

Basket Supplier & Designer

Do you need a wholesaler who can provide large jute woven baskets or cotton rope baskets in many dimensions 16”x16”, 14”x14”, 13”x13”? Would you order 2000 storage containers we have for gift shops or supermarket? Timeyard is right here and gets ready for your requests.

How to Use Baskets At Home?

Have you ever thought to use rope baskets for space solutions? It’s no doubt that baskets are one of the most practical organizing strategies. They are typically used in under counter organization, blanket storage, pillow storage, corner storage, baskets for shelves, vegetable storage basket in kitchen etc. Of course, cute rope baskets are best gifts for baby shower gifts, Easter gift baskets, Thanksgiving gifts, Christmas gifts.

Manufacture & Craftsmanship

Timeyard (Goodpick) is professional in making woven basket in different materials, shapes, styles, colors and sizes.

>>> About Materials

The cotton rope and jute rope are common materials to make baskets. Cotton rope basket makes a great difference from jute basket. Cuz cotton rope has a better capacity to hold its shape than jute rope. However, many people like jute rope can add a sense of farmhouse style to room and matches perfectly with plants. 

jute rope basket

 >>> About Shapes and Styles

When it comes to shapes, most clients prefer to round shape than rectangle one. Round shape basket has bigger space and can be easily be folded for shipped flat.

Moreover, in order to move around, baskets are usually designed with 2 small sturdy handles on each side. 

-Rope basket boxes with lids

-Basket with handles

Our company will develop many new and on-trend styles each quarter.

>>> About color and sizes

The popular colors of baskets on amazon are white, beige, black, gray, sand, pink, navy blue and other matching colors. Our typical baskets are black baskets, brown woven storage baskets, blue baskets for storage, white  basket, grey basket.

Size also has diverse tiers which fit for different space request.

Basket Wholesale You Might Notice

We don’t minimum order quantity for bulk order. If you would order baskets we have, the cost will be cheaper than custom. As you know, custom usually has a small order quantity. Moreover, baskets in stock are our popular items and we’ve decreased costs of every steps in supply chain end.

Regarding supply ability, our factories can make 60,000 units of baskets in 30 days. No matter how big your order is, we’re capable to afford it.

>>> Shipping & Delivery

We can offer best wholesale price for US, Canada. UK, Germany, France and Australia charge a higher shipping costs, customs clearance fees, tariffs, sales tax. 

>>> About samples

Our products are qualified for their craftsmanship and lower return rate. Before final order, we’d advise you to place a test order to look at all storage basket samples. You have to see which samples and decide what you want and how many you need.

Please get in touch with us in advance.

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