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About Us

>>> Our Story

Christie worked in a local office designing firm for over ten years, and the daily work & repetitive designs made her exhausted. During her annual holidays, she went back to her farmhouse with her husband and daughter. In here, seeing her daughter playing around with soft and nature farmhouse objects, Christie found that she wants to create something new.

When Christie returned to New York, she left her job to work on a few pieces of decors she had brought back from the farm. She found that these things made from natural materials was more environmentally friendly, softer and safer than the products made on the assembly line. She no longer had to worry about her daughter being cut by the corners of steel furniture. Christie looked at the smile on her daughter's face, and decided to bring that joy to more families.

This is how Timeyard was born. Combining her own personal experience with the guidance of invited experts, our founder has created Timeyard, striving to make eco-friendly handcrafted pieces that bring simplicity of farmhouse decors to the world.

>>> Our Mission

Timeyard prides itself on offering chic home decor and household items. It insists on using eco-friendly and natural material, which protects your health and lets you close to nature. Also, It is endeavoring to save your money and make home look better in simple ways. 

>>> Our Products

Timeyard centres on handmade craftsmanship, purveying a wide range of macrame wall hangings, laundry baskets, floating shelves, plant stands and garden planters. Stylish designs with high quality products making, Timeyard obtained great recognition and trust from customers over the years. 



Product Material

We use high quality natural materials to make our products. The typically product is macrame wall hanging. The rope cord is made by 100% cotton, and the additional material, stick and beads are all made by natural wood. We can guarantee that our product is natural and eco-friendly.  

Product Handcraft

Most of our products are made by hand. We emphasize the material and attention to product details and styles. Macrame wall hanging is one of our handcraft representative products. To ensure the final products are at the same high level, all of our craftsmen are experienced in hand weaving. Also, we stress every process, such as choosing color and thickness of the cotton rope. 

Product Design

We design products mainly depends on customers' needs. Collecting suggestions and ideas from our customers and product users. Also, we usually listen to friends and surrounding people. To find out what they need and want in their real lives. 

Product Wholesale

As we have professional design, manufacture, logistics and transportation team. We support wholesale and custom. In wholesale part, we provide competitive price, custom samples and best services. Help you find what you want and open your own business. 

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