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When Storage Meets Decor

 By @thefarafix Wife, Mom and Content Creator

Whether you’re on a mission to reduce clutter in your home or create neat and tidy spaces, storage baskets are quickly becoming a versatile and organizational must in today’s forward-thinking home décor trends.

And we’re talking stylish too – these ain’t your mama’s old wicker or plastic baskets that feel like 1974. You’ve got choices, people!

Today’s storage options come in various sizes, shapes, textures and colors, making them extremely flexible. They can be a great addition to a nursery, guest room, home office, craft room, or used to add a splash of color or blend in seamlessly to any room while still being functional.

Did I say extremely flexible?

Case in point: check out this grey cotton-roped basket. The soft woven texture is a perfect storage solution for a kid’s room. Not only does it complement the room’s décor, it also holds about a million stuffed toys. 

Okay, maybe not a million but it does hold quite a bit and the handles come in uh, handy to help little ones pick up after themselves when they move the basket around.

Do you have a mountain of clothes piled high in your laundry room, and yet somehow you continually walk past as though it was invisible? Welcome to my world. Folding laundry can be (no, it definitely is) tedious, but it’s nice to know I can put a couple of loads in this extra-large basket and fold as I catch up on my favorite Netflix shows.

And the best part for home décor enthusiasts like me? This two-toned, woven storage basket looks so good sitting on my laundry room counter that I can’t help but catch a glimpse each time I go by.

These baskets can also be part of the display, helping to create inviting spaces in a cohesive design style. In our guest room, I’m using this easy-to-reach, cream woven basket to hold an extra king-sized blanket and a cozy throw in a reading nook to accommodate our guests. You can also use smaller baskets in your guest space to add water bottles, travel-size toiletries, hand lotion and other goodies to make visitors feel welcomed.

Storage baskets have clearly come a long way. They are stylish, high quality, organically made and can be mixed and matched to suit just about any home décor. They can maximize your storage potential and can be used throughout your home. So what are you waiting for? It’s high time you got in on the storage basket game!

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