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Five Ways to Style Woven Baskets

From @fontainefarmhouse

One of my favorite things about being a blogger is having the opportunity to review cool home products.   So when Timeyard, one of my favorite online boutiques, reached out to me during the One Room Challenge to see if I would be interested in reviewing a few of her products, I happily said yes.

Timeyard's collection of high-quality woven baskets and macrame décor is seriously dreamy. You may have already spotted the two baskets TimeYard gifted me in my One Room Challenge photos. After using them for a few months, I can honestly say that obsessed with them. Baskets are my all-time favorite décor item.   They’re timeless, pretty to look at, and have so many different uses.  Here are six ways I’ve styled my large and small Timeyard baskets:

Kids Bedrooms:

Store toys, blankets and stuffed animals in baskets to stay organized and keep clutter off the floor in your babes rooms. Fact: It’s easier to teach kids to toss toys into a basket than it is to arrange them on a shelf. Fact: These soft woven baskets from Timeyard also double as fun toys (I’ve caught many a baby hiding in here).

Shelf Styling:

Baskets are perfect for adding texture/design with functional storage. Here I have the small basket staged with a faux vine spilling out. What you and my guests can’t see are the extra glade plug-ins I have hidden away underneath!!


You can absolutely use these pretty woven baskets as planters for your live plants, just use a plastic liner under your pot to make sure water doesn’t accidentally leak and ruin your pretty basket! If you’re not the live-plant type, my favorite faux greenery to add to baskets are these leafy vines. It’s really convenient to wad them up and plop them on top of whatever you’re storing. Bonus points if you spill a little vine over the edge. Guests are constantly asking what kind of plant it is.

Doggo Storage:

You all know how high maintenance Woodford is… I mean that dog has a LOT of stuff, from toys to special shampoos to medication. I love using baskets to keep his things organized, and I can easily hide them away if company is coming.

Hanging Decor:

You can hang pretty much anything on a towel or coat hook, baskets included. I purposefully added this third towel hook when I remodeled the bathroom specifically so I could hang a basket there with shower supplies. Hidden away under my vine “cover” are extra razors, soap, and even spare Clarisonic heads… all items you need handy when you’re in the shower.

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