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Join Our Blogger Program

Join Timeyard Blogger Program

With the advent of the holidays this year, you might need to prepare holiday decorations or gift for her or gift for him. Now you'll have a chance to get free stuffs for coming Thanksgiving and Christmas. Learn a little bit more information on our blogger program.

How Does Timeyard Blogger Program Work?

It's easy to participate in this activity. This activity will expire by end of December this year. The rules will be shown in the following. What you need to do is

✶ Pick up free holiday gifts 2-3 item you like.
✶✶ Write a blog article in 500-700 words.
✶✶✶ 3-5 high-quality beautiful pictures.
    Regarding topic of your blog, it will mainly show about how you use our products at your home for coming holiday. Share your life moment and how you spend holiday time.

      Blogger Program for Who?

      No matter who you are, lifestyle blogger or students, or just stay at home mom, please don't hesitate to join our blogger program. On top of free gifts, you will be rewarded USD 50.00-200.00 if we publish your blog at our official site.



      How to Get Money?

      When you decide to write a blog, please email to us and pick up appropriate gifts which will match well with your room pace. In addition, please attach a blog and photos you ever wrote and shot. 

      You will be rewarded in cash. Paypal will be preferred.

      ⦿⦿⦿ Cash USD 50.00-200.00

      Should you have any issue, please mail to JOIN US RIGHT NOW~~~