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The Charm of Macrame

Giving you some cotton threads and wood sticks, what will you do with them? 

Maybe you have no ideas, or maybe can make some simple things. Here we will tell you the charm about the cotton rope and macrame. Many people think that it is difficult to make a macrame wall hanging, but actually it is easy to weave, but need good preparation before start it. 

The first things to consider is the material and size of the rope. Here we just talk about the cotton rope, so you need to choose the rope size. Different diameters of ropes will finally give you a different feeling. 4 mm-7 mm are commonly used for wall hanging, wall art and plant hanger and hanging plant shelf. 


After the rope, a stick is also necessary. To match the feeling of cotton rope, here we choose wood stick. About the stick material, it's up on you. You can buy one online or can just pick one on the road. Besides stick, wood beads, crystal beads or anything you think can be added to the wall hanging. It is your creation time.

The next step is to wave the rope, you can try it by yourself before watching some teaching videos. The first one you try don't need to be difficult, and it is great to add your own ideas. 


After finish the macrame wall hanging, you can add some unique element to it. Such as your family members' photos with a clip, or the travelling photos on it. Some people even color it into blue, red and yellow. It is also very interesting to DIY this macrame pieces. Make it a unique decoration to your room. 


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