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Home Ideas for Holidays

Are you facing with an issue that you want to refresh your home with a new look? But you have no idea how to spend less money and have a better look. DIY is absolutely a creative way if you're willing to do it by hand. If not, never miss our inspirations.

>>> Macrame Wall Hangings

Macrame is a combination of bohemian and farmhouse decorative styles. The bedroom couldn't be better to hang up the macrame curtains. It highlights the space above your bed and brings much funs to your life. We deeply believe "Simple Design, Better Life". Macrame wall hanging will match well with your living room, kid's room, or playroom too. 




>>> Indoor Planters

Never ignore the power of plants. They remove the empty and bring colors to your home. For plant lovers, every plant is different and they all have different colors and patterns. it's important to discover a better plant holder. Wood plant stand & cotton rope plant basket are great additions to your modern room. They can beautify your pots and redecorate your home. On top of this, small basket also works as storage bins to hold your minimal pieces and keep your room organized. 



>>> Storage Baskets & Bins

Room space, freshness and clean are important factors to give a new look to your home. In most cases, it's hard to keep your room organized and clean. At this time, storage containers or storage baskets are great assistants. Hampers can hold your clothes, shoes, blankets, baby toys or pets supplies. They're indispensable. Please check our storage collection and they come in all colors and size.

Share your ideas about how to hang macrame. Hope to hear your voice.

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